Sunday, February 12, 2006

Rearview Marathon

With my 1st marathon a month behind in the rearview mirror, I've haven't run much...or at least relative to my ramp-up to the marathon. Now that I'm thinking about this lack of running, my running has actually dropped off starting in November. Hmmm, is that's part of the reason I've gained 5 lbs? I know the dip in miles is fairly normal after completing the first big one. I'll be back at it soon. As soon as I line up the next marathon.

As we are now into a chunk of 2006, I thought I'd upload some pix taken so far in oh six. From running in topical heat (looks like a rainbow in Fiji?) to snowmobiling in what looks like Alaska, you may wonder if a marathon, tropics and arctic leaves much else to do this year. I guess you'll see...

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Gumby & Pokey Live!

Gumby & Pokey are back hittin' the treadmill after fattening up over the holidays. Gumby's bum leg is feeling a little better. Pokey is a bit wide around the middle.

Gumby was heard saying, "Pokey this will bring a new meaning to where the rubber meets the road!"