Sunday, April 23, 2006

Run & Shoot

YES I'm actually running as I take these pictures!

You can see that running and shooting a picture at the same time takes a bit of skill...that was missing today. Almost completely missed myself.
I'm usually trying to include the road behind me to show a bit of depth to the running. It's just how my brain works. Instead of taking a picture of the long LONG road ahead, I put a positive spin on it in my mind. "Look at how far I've come!"

I've taken the majority of the pictures on this same stretch. It's about 4 miles from my house so I know I'm more than halfway home when I get to this spot. I like to see the season change in the pictures during the year...though I didn't run when this spot was covered in snow. By July we'll be seeing some corn or something growing in these fields.

On another note, I actually SAW and said "hi"to another runner on this stretch today! That's only happen 3x in that past couple of years.

I completed the 7 miles in less than 64 minutes, but I don't remember exactly. The wind was blowing hard during a couple mile stretch so that slowed me down. I also ate breakfast prior to running. That slowed me down too. Mostly I was slowed down from not running more often. The day zip by and if I miss a week, I certainly can feel it.

Well THIS was a good run! Next one I'll try to get in the photo.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Simple Seven

Got out yesterday for a 7 mile run. Just getting around to posting it now. It's raining out today and cool and it's Easter.

It was gorgeous out for my run with a good breeze for a few of the miles. Don't remember my exact time, but it seems to have been 61 minutes and 44 seconds. Ok, I guess I do remember the exact time...ha! It was my first "hot" run in months. Hey, it's spring! Not taking water with me yet, but those runs will be before me soon.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Yellow Cap

Gotta yellow hat at the race last weekend. Used it as I ran 7 miles this afternoon. Fashionable, eh?

A bit breeze, but around 50 degrees. No gloves this time!

This is my shortest run outside in a month. I didn't have time to run 14 miles today. I've been working on a pop songs submission for a major female's CD. Wish me luck!

Oh btw, I'm thinking about running the Chicago marathon in the fall.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Half As Easy - Fool

April arrived slightly faster than I was expecting. The 1/2 marathon was here before I knew it. I'd actually forgotten about it the day prior to the race until someone mentioned it to me. "Oh yea, I'm running that tomorrow. Almost forgot!"

Weather was about 45 F and overcast. I had BEATING a 2 hour 8 minute time locked in my mind. Oatmeal in me. Wearing just shorts...well shorts, shoes & sox, shirt (long sleeve and short sleeve under), gloves, ski cap, my shades, my Garmin watch AND my trusty Treo phone to take pictures in the back pocket of my shorts. A lot folks were wearing long sweat pants or tights.

I needed a 9 minute 45 per mile pace to beat my 2:08 Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 marathon from last year.

I ran with some friends at the start, they set an 8 min/mi pace and then sped up. At the 3 mile mark (10.1 miles remaining) only 24 mins had passed. Still an 8 min/mi pace. I knew this was a bit too fast...or a lot to fast if 9:45 was really the goal. I decided to listen to my breathing and run whatever pace my breathing needed.

The race was an out and back so FAST runners started flying by heading back about 5 miles into the race. The turn around was at 7 miles. People were STILL passing me, but finally I could see I wasn't in last place. ha! There were lots of people still running to the turn around. My watch said I'd run the first 7 miles in about 1 hour. I did the calculations in my head. "Hmmm...I could break 2 hours!" I felt great.

As the miles went by I knew I was running a good race at a good pace for me. With 3 miles to go I told myself to pick up the pace a little. I started passing people. Finally with the finish insight, I turned it up one more notch to finish in 1 hour 52 minutes and 41 seconds! A 8:26 min/mi. I beat my old PR for the 1/2 marathon by 15 minutes. Guess I'm in a little better shape than last year!

It was MUCH easier than the last 1/2 marathon! ...and even though it's April Fools, THIS whole story is true!