Sunday, April 23, 2006

Run & Shoot

YES I'm actually running as I take these pictures!

You can see that running and shooting a picture at the same time takes a bit of skill...that was missing today. Almost completely missed myself.
I'm usually trying to include the road behind me to show a bit of depth to the running. It's just how my brain works. Instead of taking a picture of the long LONG road ahead, I put a positive spin on it in my mind. "Look at how far I've come!"

I've taken the majority of the pictures on this same stretch. It's about 4 miles from my house so I know I'm more than halfway home when I get to this spot. I like to see the season change in the pictures during the year...though I didn't run when this spot was covered in snow. By July we'll be seeing some corn or something growing in these fields.

On another note, I actually SAW and said "hi"to another runner on this stretch today! That's only happen 3x in that past couple of years.

I completed the 7 miles in less than 64 minutes, but I don't remember exactly. The wind was blowing hard during a couple mile stretch so that slowed me down. I also ate breakfast prior to running. That slowed me down too. Mostly I was slowed down from not running more often. The day zip by and if I miss a week, I certainly can feel it.

Well THIS was a good run! Next one I'll try to get in the photo.