Saturday, October 28, 2006

Trick or Drink

Hey I'm FINALLY not in a picture! Ha!

Decided that before the month was up, I should get back into the groove of running some miles with my eye on the next marathon in January; the big GOOFY Challenge with a 1/2 marathon and a full marathon two days in a row.

This morning I did a 15.1k race in the cool (and windy) Midwest fall weather. Since I haven't been running much in the last 4 weeks (other than a marathon), I decided to just run a nice pace. Nothing too hard. My pace bounced around randomly between 8:50 and 7:57 with no real reason other than a slow down up one long hill.

With a few miles remaining in the run, I decided to gulp down some water at what I thought was the last water stop. About choaked on a 1/2 cup of beer. The "water stop" was sponsored by one of the local brew pubs! Certainly not the best thing to drink while running, but I staggered on to finish just under 80 minutes for a roughly 8:30/mi pace. My watched read 1:19:38.

All and all a nice way kick off my next marathon training!