Sunday, December 05, 2004

LA Music Conference when I arrived at the hotel from LAX it was still early afternoon. I walked around checking out the hotel since I had time. On the wall past the lobby, I found a sign for the Ballroom. I was surprised to see SO many chairs in the ballroom. I had no idea so many people would be here. I checked out the registration area since I had read there might be a line when it opened. Only a few people milling around at this time. I guess what I read was wrong, no one camping out in line.

A few weeks prior to the conference, I had pre-scheduled a consultation with John. We agreed to a 1-hour consultation Thursday evening which was at the same time of the registration. I plotted out getting my badge, schedule and info then getting to my song consult. Still had a couple of hours before registration opened so I went to my room to get organized.

After a 15 min power nap and an hour ½ of figuring out which 3-4 song I wanted to discuss with John, I took the elevator from the 9th floor to the lobby. Checking my watch, I was still early. 5 minutes before registration opens. The doors opened to a sea of people. Hundreds upon hundreds in an endless line from all walks of life, some with guitars on their backs. I waded through the maze of people to find the end of the line which seemed to wrap around back into itself. I grabbed (bought) a Heineken as I came past the lobby bar for the third time searching for the end. By this time, I had 5 others joining my search. We ended up right back by the elevators laughing and introducing ourselves. A doctor from Michigan with one song, a love song, that he was sure is a hit. A lady from Texas with a new CD of political “show tunes”. A multi-instrument musician from NC mostly into R&B and producing. A singer/songwriter lady from New Hampshire with lots of songs AND me. A pop/rock guy trying to have fun writing tunes.

The registration area opened promptly on time. The line moved fast, but after 50 minutes in line, I had to skip out for my 1 on 1 consult. Next up, I can tell you want I learned from him.