Sunday, December 05, 2004

Music Conference Lessons

Today, I learned that there is a difference between songs that an "artist" plays with good feedback from fans verses a song that has wider commerical appeal away from that live performance.

If you want someone else to cut your song, then you significantly increase your chances of this happening by writing songs that fit into a known formula. Like intro around 13 seconds. Do waste time with solos. Tell a story that builds throughout the song. Be descriptive. DON'T preach. DON'T whine. Describe something in a new way. Don't be lazy which means rewriting at least 6 times. Co-write whenever possible.

Doesn't mean you're not being creative, but you're framing the songwriting into that template to increase your commercial chances of success.

I heard a strong theme of advice throughout the conference that continued to reinforce this.

If you're artist that wants a record contact. Do the same things with your songs. If you don't write hits then find someone that has songs that fit into this. Pretty much all styles that we listened to during the conference fell into this same frame work. Very educational for me.