Sunday, December 05, 2004

Music Conference (yet more to the story)

Next song up for critique was “Feels So Good”

I was back scribbling in my notebook as John listened. He liked this song better than my song Swing. “Good feel. This is catchy.” Then he got busy on those darn lyrics again. “The chorus doesn't need to totally repeat so much. You have room with the lyric echo to tell a little bit more of a story. It's too repetitive. Repetitive is good, but you could say more and still keep the fun of some of the repetition.” We got into a detailed discussion on how to improve the chorus lyrics. I immediately saw what he was saying. He was absolutely correct. He said, “you're only a rewrite (or two) away on this one. Music is really good. Don't really need those solos, but they are well done. This song could be used in TV or film with a bit more work.”

John went on listening and commenting on two more of my songs. One song that really didn't say much. He called it a list song. The last song he liked because it told a story in a conversational way. He suggested I put more effort into the story. He finally suggested that I consider co-writing. Maybe someone with experience writing great lyrics that's had some placements. Music is good.

The hour breezed by. The critiquing was extremely helpful. I didn't feel demoralized like some of the Broadjam reviews I had gotten. I felt...motivated!

Lessons learned:

1. Don't need solos in my Taxi song submissions
2. Need short intros (less than 15 seconds)
3. Since I'm not a big time artist my songs should say something that other people can relate to
4. If I have weak lyrics, all that music won't make a song
5. Repetition in the chorus can be a good thing
6. Don't over do the repetition
7. Do some rewrites. Do more rewrites
8. I shouldn't be lazy with the lyrics
9. The first two lines in the first verse gotta say something
10. I'm on the right track!

Gotta get myself registered. Find my brother, compare notes over dinner and then get back to watch and listen to the open mic in the ballroom. I'm sure there's some lessons learned there!