Saturday, April 16, 2005

Cool Creek

I was wireless in Nashville. I must not have paid attention to make sure my posts actually got posted. Ok, sorry about no cool posts from Nashville.

As I mentioned in my posting a few weeks ago, I really am working on songs. I'm just not all that fast at it. A few years ago I started messing with writing a straight ahead rock song. I wanted it to have a guitar riff hook that repeated in the chorus. That is where I started. I was looking for some kind of dah dat datta datta dah dah riff. Once I came up with that part, I demo'd the music and then wrote the lyrics and sang it....and added more vocals and additional layers of vocals. When I demo stuff, I typically play everything and sing everything...and use some loops. I did this demo process with my song call Cool Creek. Here is the demo with me doing everything.

After demoing the song, I wanted to get some real drums on this song. It's a rock song. It needs REAL drums! Wow, this should be a podcast. I could just build up the whole process of recording and creating this song. Let me get to the punch line! I've got a brand new mix (I mixed it), new singer, drummer, guitar player, bass player, keyboard player for my song Cool Creek.