Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Didn't Think Twice

Over the past few weeks I've posted some info about my song Cool Creek. Thanks for the positive comments. Let's get onto another song for a bit.

Didn't Think Twice is a song I was developing when I went out to the Taxi music conference last fall. I got some good feedback while I was there. I hadn't thought about this song be one of the more commerical ones, but that was the response. I've take some of those comments and completed another re-write.

I'm going to post a mix I did this week that features Joe Retta singing, Kurt Griffry on acoustic guitar, Lance Morrison on bass, Ron Wikso on percussion and Wally Minko with a little back keyboards. This is a "stripped" down mix because I'm thinking about submitting this song to some song listing for other singer/artists on Taxi. Somewhere in my head I can hear a country/pop version. Check out this mix of the song I wrote called Didn't Think Twice. Let me know what ya think.

The version that will be on my CD, will have 2 lead guitars, 2 rock guitars, full drums, organ and more vocals...most likely me. :)