Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Running Continues

The running continues as the Disney World Marathon on January 8, 2006 rapidly approaches. As many of you know, this will be my first marathon ever.

Earlier this year (Jan 05) I ran the P.F Chang Rock 'n Roll 1/2 marathon in Phoenix. Completing those 13.1 miles in a bit over two hours (2:08) was an accomplishment. For real runners my time was slow, but I did complete it. I was still running at the end and passing people even.

I tried to take a few months off from thinking about another race after completing the 1/2, but I found myself trying to image a full marathon. TWICE the distance of that 1/2. I thought about how far I had run and then thought about turning around to run all the way back. There is NO way! It's insane.

As May rolled in this year, I ran a local 10k race. I struggled to stay under an hour. My time slipped from the previous year...which had slipped (gotten worse) from the previous previous year. Well you can go back and read the blog entries. I slowly got busy getting in more miles and working harder. I did improve!

The Midwest fall weather cooperated with me. I got to run outside for my long weekend runs. I did a bunch of post here about those. I did a number of iRun Podcasts from my Treo. I got to run with a variety of friends...some new.

As the end of November zipped in, suddenly snow and cold! With temps of about 1F and's snowing right now too. I bundled up for some runs, but under 25F I'm not too interested in running outside. It's also hard to find a place where I can limit the risk of slipping.

So I've jumped on my treadmill for some sessions recently. Last Sunday I loaded up my iPod Shuffle. Got some bottles of water and Poweraid. Lined up some Accel Gels and pushed Start and Play. After 2 hours and 45 minutes I did a cool down walk for 15 minutes. The end result was 18.5 miles. I know I'll be thanking myself come Jan 8th! Man I was sore. The treadmill works the muscle differently than typical surfaces.

Today I ran for 40 minutes to get in a faster workout. Did some 5% inclines and 8 mph pace at times. I got really hot, but it was good.

Tomorrow I'm planning for an indoor track run for some hours. It will be my first ever!