Monday, May 29, 2006

Recovery Run

I was awake, dressed and outside by 6 AM for my first run in a week because I picked up a strain of E Coli that didn't agree with me somewhere between Kathmandu & Timbuktu. I'm recovered and back at it!

Today is Memorial Day. VERY few people out at 6 AM. Gorgeous day in the mid-70's. Saw a swan with some chicks. A couple of dogs wrestling. Birds chirping. Geese flying. Horses grazing. A giant Snapping Turtle crossing a country road. Note: I was faster and I didn't see her at the finish.

It got a bit warmer as the sun rose. I felt great running about a 9:05 min/mi pace. After my 7 miles I was hot, but not dying. Dripping sweat as I walked back down my driveway to get the newspaper. Good to be running at home.

I'm glad I got out when it was cooler. It's gonna be a cooker today!