Monday, May 15, 2006

Shanghai Surprise

I arrived in Shanghai this afternoon. Once to my hotel, I slapped on a part of shorts and my running shoes, shirt, hat, socks and shades...and out I went into the unknown!

Since the temp was only in the lower 70's it was pretty nice for running. I ran down to The Bund and then along the river. After 50 minutes I was back to my hotel. I snapped this picture in one of the least crowded area. Holy cow was it crowded at times.

I was only offered about 10 watches, 2 shoe shines, 1 massage and a bunch of other things I didn't understand. All this and I was sweaty & running!

Back to the hotel I showered then walked down the street to Startbucks. It was 28 chinese dollars which is the same as the US, but a smaller cup. Mmmm, it hit the spot! I was offered 2 shoe shines as I sat outside drinking my coffee, but no massage or watches.