Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I'm packing for Europe...well, I'm suppose to be packing for Europe tonight. It's #3 on the priority list. It was #4, but I completed #1 so packing is moving up.

#1 on the list was get my 4 songs of scratch vocals recorded, exported from Sonar 4 and burned onto a CD. I'm going to snail mail the CD and lyrics sheets out to LA. I've finally surrendered to the fact that I need to get another perceptive on how to perform these vocal tracks. I'm just not satisfied. So, my pro drummer buddy, Ron Wikso, is hooking me up with a singer he trusts can lay down guide vocal tracks to help me learn how to perform my own songs. Now this is a little odd for me 'cause I wrote the songs, the melody and the lyrics. But, I'm not rockin' my own world so I need another approach. In a few weeks, I'll know how well this will help me. I'll be posting some samples and results. I can't wait!

Ron is also going to lay down some percussion tracks. Wow, I was stupid when it can to percussion on rock songs. Ron is doing a fantastic job of filling out the feel of my tunes with some great percussion. Subtle, but it really polishes the songs. Ron is playing drums on all 12 of the songs for my CD.

I was reading over at that Ron and Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger) are the two drummers on the upcoming Frederiksen-Denander Album.

With this post done, packing is moving to #2 on my priority list. Sleep is #1.

Next post will be from Europe! Grazie i miei amici