Sunday, March 27, 2005

Sunday Evening To-Do Update

Alright, how did we do on the To-Do list today?

  1. Log overall to-do list into my By Ear blog. COMPLETED!

  2. Email Japan about Singapore business. Turn down the Japan offer. COMPLETED!

  3. Prepare preliminary all-hands-meeting agenda. Just get a rough idea of all the potential topics. NOPE! :(

  4. Get Map to Sherman. Make sure it captures all elements from the past week. COMPLETED!

  5. BMS meeting prep READY!

  6. Lay down Kat's scratch vocals on my newest song. NOPE! Schedules didn't line up, but here's a link to the new song: If You Change Your Mind! (without any vocals)

  7. Run! I need to get outside and run! YES! I ran outside for 6.8 miles. Took me 1 hour 5 minutes and 59.2 seconds. Had a side stitch 2 1/2 minutes into the run...but I got better. Felt good to get outside in the sun. Wow, this wasn't easy, but it felt really good.

  8. Update Quicken. I'm about 6-weeks behind... maybe 8 weeksDONE!

  9. Buy file trays for my office. All the stores were close for Easter. I made the trip.

  10. Email people about Milan business. Action items for Monday. DONE!

  11. Goto Home Depot and look at railings for deck/porch. Found one open and bought some samples!

  12. Provide some website assistance. I didn't get it schedule.

  13. Read thread on board meeting issues and what conflicts are there?IN PROGRESS

  14. My old studio still has equipment there. Place is being sold. Snooze or lose. Ebay here I come! But, I've got to take inventory and see what I have to sell or keep. I really didn't plan to do this today, I just wanted to get it on a list. Needs to be completed in the next 2 months.

  15. Read the Sunday paper.

  16. Watch the Badgers! :(