Thursday, March 03, 2005

Putting The Band Back Together.

- 8 o'clock report -

Pubsub turned up a myvirtualband posting on another site called Slaw Blog. You can check out this write up. I really think the myvirtualband concept is awesome.

I've been working with some fantastic pro musicians over the past year. We've done 95% of the work remotely. It's all coming together sounding great too. I would have NEVER ever come in contact with them without the internet. I did some searching in google. Sent some emails. Bam! I'm working with guys I've heard on albums and see touring through my town. Ok ok, I can't resist. I'm working on a song called "Swing!" and amazingly I have a couple of the guys from Phil Collin's horn section playing on it. I mean actually them playing for my song. They sat in the studio to play my song. Not a loop sample. They played for me. Only with the internet!

I guess we have the topic of the 1st By Ear with Arthur Vance - PodCast!

...coming soon!