Saturday, March 26, 2005

What with Jetlag?

Wow, the week zipped by after getting back from Europe. I didn't even have time to remember the jetlag from just returning from Europe. I had some intense coolness happening, but it requirement all my time this past week and my mind...the rest of the time got used up sleeping.

Time zones and jetlag. What is up with that? The first time I went to Europe was about 8 years ago. I flew into Brussels, rented a car and drove in circles around the city because I couldn't read the road signs. I wasn't even sure which signs were signs. Stopped at least 3 times to ask directions to the hotel which was in the center of the city. Final got to the center of Brussels, but STILL couldn't figure out where the hotel was. Drove past it 1/2 dozen times THEN couldn't figure out were the parking lot (car park) was. Ran inside and the guy behind the hotel counter said..."P!" I didn't know what the heck we was talking about. I asked more slowly and louder, "WHERE do I PARK my CAR? AUTO?" He said "P! P!" After this charade a lady standing next to me waiting to check in said, "look for the sign right outside with a P. Follow the arrow. The parking is underground." It was early afternoon by the time I hit my bed, I slept for 3 hours then went for dinner in a daze and accidently bought a $200 bottle of wine when I thought I was ordering pasta and a beer. The next 2 days I was falling asleep in taxis (left the car in the P lot so I wouldn't get lost going to see customers) and not being able to sleep at night. Ah yes, I remember it well...or not.

A million flight miles later, I always sleep on the flights. Usually for some hours. I arrive ready to get going with whatever I'm there for. I sleep whenever possible and don't worry about getting the recommended daily allowance. Last night after being home for 6-days, I finally had time to really sleep. Did it up big for 10 hours straight. Blah blah...what's the deal with this jetlag stuff!

Next trip is Nashville, but that's not for a few weeks.