Sunday, May 08, 2005


I signed up for Broadjam last summer when I decided that I wanted to have some motivation to actually complete (i.e finish) some songs.
  1. To arrive at or attain the end of: finish a song.
  2. To bring to an end; terminate: finished recording a song.
  3. To consume all of; use up: finish a pie.
  4. To bring to a desired or required state: finish a painting.
  5. To give (wood, for example) a desired or particular surface texture.
  6. To destroy; kill: finished the bad guy.
  7. To bring about the ruin of: The stock market crash finished many speculators. (ha!)
The motivation was becoming a Taxi member, but the Broadjam membership gave me my own spot to upload my songs. Broadjam also has a "review" system built into their design. You get "feedback" from other songwriters. The design of having other wanna be songwriting reviewing my songs is a bit flawed, but it's interesting to see how much people either hate or like my songs.

I'm having fun with it!

Here's the most recent review I've gotten:

Your songs reviewed by Broadjam members

Review of Song: Cool Creek - featuring Joe Retta

General Overview

Do you listen to this genre on a regular basis? Yes
What Genre is most appropriate for this song? Pop
What is an appropriate title for this song? cool creak

Song Analysis

Does this song have market potential? 4/5
Quality of Lyrics 3/5
Originality of Song 4/5
Quality of the Hook 4/5
Quality of Instrumentation 5/5
Quality of Arrangement 5/5
Would you like to hear more from this artist? 1/5


Quality of Vocal Pitch 5/5


Quality of Recording 5/5
Overall Rating 4/5

Positive Comments

A really good sounding song- rockin!

Constructive Comments

The theme / words don't draw me in