Monday, May 09, 2005

Two Became We

I've been looking around for the first song I ever recorded with a "band" in a studio. I think I've found a cassette or two of that song, but now I need to hook up a cassette player. I have one in the garage. So stay tune for "Golden Dream" in the near future. I told myself a few years ago that I would someday do a remake of that song. Don't hold your breath.

Thinking about that song, got me thinking of other old recordings. Wow, I had a lot of stuff I recorded. I even recorded on 8-track tapes. I'm talking cartridge kind of 8-track. I don't have any of that old stuff anymore, but I have bag full of tapes that I should sort through and archieve...or maybe not. ha ha!

Ok, a little more current day or at least current day according to the calendar. The style of song I know the world is waiting to hear me singing and playing. It's "Two Became We" in all it's glory! I wrote this song a few years ago and then played (recorded) all the guitar parts with some drum loops. I then mixed it with a lot of compression. I just saved it as an MP3 tonight as I ran across the demo on my computer. Here is the demo for Two Became We.