Sunday, May 08, 2005

Kiss Me Again

About a year and half ago, I wrote lyrics and music for a song that I named "Kiss Me Again". Though I'm not a big George Michael fan, it kind of reminded me of something he might do. Ok, maybe my imagination is out of wack. Anyway, I usually just let songs I'm writing go in whatever direction they seem to want to go. I demo'd (played all the parts and sang) the song myself. I'll stick the demo right HERE.

Ok that's the demo.

I decided to get some more musicians involved on this one. Over the past year, I've slowly been getting this song flushed out more and more. It's continued to turn into more of a rock song. I'm going to stick the latest version right here. This is a more acoustic rock version with Joe Retta singing. Lance Morrision is playing the nice bass part. Kurt's playing the tasty lead lines. Ron Wikso all the percussion. Wally Minko is on organ. I mixed this verison of Kiss Me Again last night.

We do have a bunch of other tracks completed. Ron played a big drum part on this Foreigner drum set. He really does have his old Foreigner tour kit setup in his studio. Kurt and I have added a bunch more guitars. Wally's got some electric piano tracks. Lance did another version of the bass track I'm still debating about. We have a bunch of layered vocals I did.

I wanted to to get this mix completed first. Last night's version is a little more mellow than what my finished version will likely be.