Sunday, May 29, 2005

Shark Tale

It was the '80s. I was playing out live with my band. I wanted something that looked stunningly different, but was still a great guitar. This was it! It was an '80s rock guitar even if I was the only one that I knew that played one.

I bought it around '83. I played my O'Hagan Shark for years. I loved this guitar. My brother helped me yanked out the factory pickups and put in EMG-81 pickups. That was over 20 years ago. We also carefully attached a Washburn Wonderbar to the Shark tail. I had to change the guitar strap knob to get the crazy cool shape to not kill my shoulder after 4-sets with the band. This thing is as heavy as a shark. ha! It weighs approximately 9 lbs. It feels like 15 lbs because of the balance. BUT it is a super solid guitar with great action. It stayed in tune and I cranked on that whammy bar to help cover up for my short comings soloing. When it doubt dive bomb.

Time passes and my Shark as been dry docked in his case for some years. Replaced by a Parker Fly Deluxe. I got to thinking about the Shark and found a website dedicated to the whole O'Hagan line. Check out all the versions and more history at

Mmmm...I could go for some shark fin soup now!

By the way, the photos I took today with my Palm Treo 650.