Monday, May 09, 2005

Gold Member

-- 10 O'Clock Report --

Oh my, I found the old cassette I was writing about a few hours ago. This is from around 1983 or maybe 1984.

FreeAstray was my band. If I was 18 right now (but I'm not) I'd wanna be in Theory Astray!

Ok back to my history. Over 20 years ago, I wrote this song. I played some of that guitar (yes that lovely intro lead) and sang the song. Recording at H&G Studios on a Tascam-38 eight track to 1/2" tape. I had no idea what I was doing other than I knew I wanted to write a song.

Here is Golden Dream.

I took this off an old cassette into Sound Forge 7. I think the belt or something needs replacing in this cassette machine. It was out in the garage for a few years. It's a Nakamichi MR-2.