Saturday, June 25, 2005

Cleaning the Barn and Studio

I had a small recording studio at the old family homestead. The farm is being sold so everything has to be cleaned out. I had a studio in a shed that pigs and then chinchillas used to live in. My buddy Warren and I renovated that place for about a year. We built a nice control room and a studio area. I recorded a lot of live bands in that studio. I worked with very mediocre metal bands, alternative bands (before it was cool) and country bands. Did a little bit of radio stuff. A number of coverbands. My own stuff. And whatever else is on all these reels I now have at home. I think the studio opened in 1986 and stayed open for 6 years or so. It was fun. So now I have some old gear headed to eBay. Know anyone that needs a Crown poweramp, WRT820 mixer, Tascam 32?

In the big barn we pushed out the old 1960 Corvair. Check out what the trunk looked like this morning!