Friday, June 24, 2005

Ron Wikso

Here is Ron Wikso getting his rental drumset ready for the sound check at the Gregg Rolie concert yesterday. I've known Ron a few years now, but this is only the second show I've seen. It was fun to see a band setting up from the stage side. It's really not that much different than any other band setup other than there are more people helping get the work done.

I got to park backstage and watch the dude from Supertramp, Roger Hodgson doing his show. I ended up with a VIP wrist band for Roger Hodgson. I guess this would have allowed me to go have dinner or snacks with him in his backstage trailer. I chose to hangout with the Gregg Rolie band instead. By the way, his Supertramp show was a bit different in that he was solo without a band.

Also watched the band Ambrosia from backstage. Met the lead singer with Ron. He sounded like the orginial singer, but looked like Elton John. Seemed nice enough. Had a nice voice.

I enjoyed Ron's drum solo too! Posted by Picasa