Friday, June 24, 2005

Kurt Griffey

Kurt playing a really difficult chord! Hey, I could play that!!

Probably not too many times during a concert that Kurt is just playing a simple bar chord, but HEY here is evidence!

I got to talk with Kurt about his stage setup earlier in the evening. Didn't get to have lunch with him because he decided to walk 5-miles to McDonalds before I got there.

About 30 minutes after this picture, the rain started just pouring, but Kurt kept playing. It was finally raining so hard that the band had to stop.

I remember having beer spilled on the floor of a yatch club one of my old bands was playing at. Some electrical cords and mic cords were in that stuff and I got a really good (bad) shock. Not good from one's long-term health. None-the-less, Kurt didn't shocked 'cause the bad stopped playing...there was a roof over the stage so that helped for a bit.

You can check out Kurt's guitar playing in any song of mine that doesn't say "demo".Posted by Picasa