Monday, December 18, 2006

Goofy x3

Yesterday (Sunday) was the final long run prior to our Goofy runs.

The three of us Goofy guys got together at Bill's house for a 10 mile out and back. Fortunately no snow and mid-30 temps. We ran west and east from Bill's house. The photo shows my one-time lead!

Since I'd run 14 miles the prior day with Bill, this was a test of endurance. All in all not bad. I never hit the wall. Though I kept a slow pace around 9:40/mi. I was never struggling to stay alive or anything like that. I did kick in a few 9:00/mi and the final half mile was an 8:30/mi.

I can sense that a 4:15 marathon is possible the day after a 1:59:30 1/2 marathon. Now I just need to determine how to take minutes off that 4:15 with less-than 3-weeks to go!