Saturday, February 19, 2005

C1 and VoxBox

Haven't been getting any songwriting done lately. Wasn't really in the mood. Been busy working instead of playing. I'll be regrouping my brain and motivation soon so that I can make this first work of art available to the world. I have 12 songs written and recorded.

I did get motivated to upgrade some of my equipment. I love recording equipment. Sometimes I like the equipment more than the music. Here's what's up:

I ordered a Studio Projects C1 mic off of ebay a month ago for using in my home studio (my computer, a chair and a desk). The Studio Projects C1 is a large diaphragm, fixed-cardioid condenser microphone employing a 1.06” (27mm) capsule, high quality, low noise amplifier and balanced, transformerless output circuitry. It features switchable -10dB pad and 6dB@150Hz high pass filter for added control in various recording applications and a clear, full response expected from a large capsule microphone design. I had used a C1 while singing some vocal parts at The Laboratory

So a new toy with a C1, but I also wanted to upgrade the things I plug the mic into. So after a bunch of reading up on mic pre amps, I decided I'd look on eBay for a Manley VoxBox. Not the most common type of things for eBay, but low and behold there was one and it was available with a Buy It Now. So after some waiting for USPS snail delivery, I'm now the proud owner of a VoxBox. Read the manual. It's cool! ...and full of real tubes.

I have this Hammerfall DSP Multiface as my a/d input into my computer, but it's not working right now. Getting a communication error and the red light is on. I did something to it some months ago when I hooked up the ADAT I bought on ebay. I got that to work through the SPDIF/ADAT input, but I know I change some setting to do that. I messed up something. So here I am with this nice new setup of a C1 and the VoxBox and I'm having to run that into my Tascam US-122 interface to get any sound into my computer. Not optimal, but it at least works.

Next up is a Mackie Big Knob. I need to check up on where the heck my order is.

Back to working on the interface issues.