Tuesday, February 22, 2005

That's what I'm talkin' about

I'm BACK with everything working in Sonar 4 and my RME ASIO drivers. Here's the story:

I took the RME card out and stuck it into another PCI slot thinking the PnP stuff would fix the issue of not finding any digital audio input/output drivers in Sonar for my RME Multiface. Didn't do the trick. I decided to load Project 5 and see if the drivers appeared there. Presto, there they were. So back to Sonar and I messed around in the Options/Audio dialog for 15 minutes trying to get work. Duh, got to select ASIO for the driver mode. Got that figured out finally, but then had my Sonar session skipping beats and dropping out. I struggled for an hour reading the the Sonar 4 manual. I finally found the RME newgroup forum. Ha, I didn't find the answer, but I read about all the great success everyone is having with RME stuff. Why was it not working for me? Um, how about 53 active real-time audio fx plugs (bunch of mic modelers, 8 auto tunes, Ozone, lexicon verbs, bbe, etc. AND 44 digital audio tracks 44k @ 24 bit. Well, I bumped the buffers on the card up to 8192 and now it ALL plays with cpu usage only around 80%!

That's what I'm talkin' about!

I plugged the RME outputs right into my Mackie HR824 speakers. Wow, this sounds cleaner than the US-122. It's looking all sad because it's unplugged. I used it SO much. Next thing I need is that Mackie Big Knob. I still haven't checked on that order. It was backordered. Now I need it.

I can also now start enjoying the Manley Voxbox and that C1 mic. I'm going enjoy working on the songs again. I want to get this all wrapped up before mid-year. I've got some new songs I want to get started on!