Monday, February 28, 2005

PodCasting, Comdex & the Scobleizer

- 10 O'clock report -

Getting PodCasts to download is easy. I'm using iPodder as I mentioned in earlier posts last week. Once I had figured out how easy it is to get PodCasts into iTunes and my iPod, I wanted to get my own PodCast happening. Well, even though conceptually I now understand about RSS 2.0 and enclosures, I ran into a problem here on the hosting site. They insert a header into my blog posting so even when I post just RSS with the right PodCast enclosures and such with a blank template, the RSS feed still doesn't work in iPodder. So I was over at and reading some more help files. I'm close. I'm sure sometime soon, Blogger will just handled the posting of audio links that I want to podcast. Or, I can switch to another blog host. I think I can probably handle figuring out such a thing. The podcast adventure continues.

Note: I've got ideas for my first PodCast maybe songthing like what they are doing over at MyVirtualBand radio

Another thing to mention today, Robert Scoble has become a blogging celeb. Seems like I knew he was doing a blog a few years ago. Don't remember who told me about it, but my brother was talking to me a few weeks ago about the Scobleizer blog and Robert's fame in print media like The Economist. I was just shaking my head agreeing with my brother. I told him that I didn't realize that he was up at Microsoft now. I've known Robert from CompuServ days when I was moderated the multimedia VB forum. Some of us moderators got together out at Comdex in the early 90's (I think it was '93) to talk Visual Basic (VB). Keith Pleas arranged for us to stay at the Golden Nugget. I think it was Robert that got some software vendors to serve us breakfast every morning before the conference started. Holy Cow! I just remembered, Robert and I gave a presentation about Visual Basic at Comdex. Ah yes, it was Robert, Dan Appleman and me. I had completely forgotten about this. We went to the Hard Rock the night before to "prepare" our presentation.

I had written a music program called "Nkey" using VB so the next day after Hard Rock, as people were coming into the Comdex presentation in one of those paneled off ballroom conference rooms, I was playing my program. You know, MIDI music coming out of the PA and me improving along in my "Nkey" program. It was pretty cool or least I thought it was. I can't remember anything more about the presentation other than Robert moderated, worked on his PowerPoint as people were arriving and that it was about the basics of Visual Basic and it was over at the old Sands Hotel Conference Center.

That night, Microsoft held their little "semi-secret" VB GeekFest with pizza and beer. Bill Gates stopped in alone. Robert, Bill and I stood there as Bill was eating some pizza and Robert quizzed him about da Vinci's Codex that Bill had just bought for some $30 something million. Did the GeekFest a few other years too.

Robert was with Fawcette at this time. I remember another time for a VBITS event in Chicago that a group of us were at the top of the Hancock building. I think it was Robert that got me out of some conversation to go get into a limo and head over to play Battle Mech at some game place downtown. I think Richard Hale Shaw, Jonathan Zuck and some other guys were along. I don't remember who's limo it was. Just know it wasn't mine.

Well, check out my old friend Robert. He's got a lot happening here online. You might learn a thing or two too! Good going Robert!