Sunday, February 20, 2005

RME Audio Interface

Here's the Sunday night 10 o'clock report:

I didn't take much time today to investigate my RME interface issue. I did check the back of my computer and found I had it plugged into a firewire port instead of the RME adapter. Same type connection, but that fixed the red led error on the front of the RME Hammerfall DSP multiface. I can now get digital audio when I'm in Sound Forge. I still don't have any wave sound from Sonar 4. I don't even see the RME drive in Sonar. I think I need to re-install something.

By the way, I read there is Sound Forge 8 coming out which will included a bundled CD Architect 5.2 which includes CD text reading and writing, and updated drive support. Since I alread own 5.0 the upgrade is free. I'm sure the Sound Forge upgrade will not be free.

Since I'm talking software right now, I recommend checking out the ever so cool yet simple Muvee program. Automatically creates video from digital pix and vid clips. Does load the demo or just buy the program!