Saturday, February 26, 2005 - Songwriting for the Digital Age

I'm totally excited!

I was reading up about podcasts this afternoon which lead me to searching PodcastAlley for songwriting Podcasts. That lead me to download iPodder so that I could listen to the MyVirtualBand (MVB) Podcast. Ok, so that's how I found the site. Let me tell you more. is on a mission to bring together "virtual bands" of collaborating musicians from all over the world to write and record music. This is not a fee base kind of thing where you're hiring other musicians. This is true open source song and recording collaboration. That's what I'm talking about!

No fee, just sign up. Download some tracks and collaborate OR do like I did this evening, upload some tracks of a song for others to collaborate on.

I uploaded a song that I hadn't come up with lryics for yet. I've only flushed out the overall structure and a couple of guitar parts. You can take a listen to it in progress. I called it Winter (Rock) Song. If you want to check out more details about what a collabration posting looks like, mine is right here.

I can hardly wait to get some others working on this tune. This is going to be fun! I'll keep you post on the developments.