Wednesday, February 23, 2005

It's nice

It's nice to have my recording setup getting re-stablized. I was able to do some more listening to old tracks tonight.

After that music conference in LA back in November, I was excited but also a bit bummed that my lyrics didn't cut it. It wasn't that others said they didn't cut it. It was realizing as plan as day that good successful songwriters would obvious do better than I had. They also try a lot harder. I was in the wrong mindset. Not only were none of my songs hits, they weren't going to get past a reviewer to be submitted for anything.

I'm not planning to completely redo all the words to my 12 songs, but select songs gotta get some obvious rewrites. The adventure continues!

My song "Feels So Good" is one that is getting some lyric and melody additions in the Chorus. I wrote about this song right after the conference. The Chorus just repeats Feels So Good, Feels So Good. It was suggested that I say "something" more. Describe something. Say something descriptive about why I feel so good. I'm thinking it should be beach, sun, sand, fun kind of words. This song is good enough with the right words to make a TV listing.

I also was listening to "Swing" tonight. I already rewrote 75% of the lyrics. It tells a story now, but I can pull it off when I try to perform it. Sound like an idiot. It was suggested that this be a song of motivation. I think the concept is the right direction.

I got my preamp Voxbox hooked up tonight. Wow, it is nice. Now I can hear how bad my basement sounds. I'll work on that, but I will be able to get good vocals right here. It's going to be sweet learning how to do this. Still don't have a good headphone mix so that's got to be corrected. Where is that Big Knob?

I could sure go for some sushi right about now.