Sunday, November 19, 2006

2x Long

Yesterday Bill and I completed 14 miles so this morning was the actual "long" run of 18 miles. We're doing back to back long runs since we're training up for Disney's Goofy Challenge in January.

The sun wasn't quite up when we started at 6:37 AM. The temp was around 32F again with a breeze. It felt a bit cold wearing shorts, but we had our ears covered and layers of shirts.

My legs were tired after running 14 miles yesterday, but they weren't hurting just tired. Greeted by a hill only 1/2 mile into the run, ok my legs were sore.

Our pace about 9:15/mi for the first 6 miles, but then slowed as we completed 14 miles in 2:13:00 compared to yesterday's 2:08:28. We finally realized that the breeze was actually a 12 MPH wind at 32F and high humidity. No wonder my face was numb.

We completed the 18 miles in 2:53:43 by visualizing the chocolate milk waiting for us at Bill's house.

A character building run today. I was done at 14, but we did 18!

...chocolate milk was delicious.