Saturday, November 25, 2006

Pokey 20

My Treo 650 still has a dead battery so Pokey is filling in for me today.

My little wire-filled orange legs got a good workout this morning. Started my run (10 miles out and 10 miles back) with Bill (from his house) at 6:40 AM.

Technically I started out with a nice trot and then worked up to an easy canter or lope. Since this was 20 miles I'd be incorrect to state I ever actually worked up a gallop, but near the end it sure seemed that way even though my legs felt like plastic instead of rubber...a little rubbery once I was done.

The weather being about 40 was also helpful too. As you know rubber gets a little stiff in cold weather.

Considering that someone needs to hand bend my legs for each movement, the 3 hours 17 minutes and 29 seconds for our 20 mile run wasn't too bad.