Friday, November 24, 2006

Holiday 14

Post-Thanksgiving it was time for a 14 mile run to work off a bit of turkey and dressing.

A lovely temperature of 38 F with sun and no wind for my 7:36 AM start. Only one slight glitch was that my running partners set a 7 AM start and we're already down the trail. I was awake at 6 AM, but for some reason thought we were running at 7:30.

Since I knew the out and back route, I figured I'd meet up with them as they headed back. Legs were a little stiff the first few miles since I hadn't run since doing 18 on Sunday.

My pace bounced around from 8:43/mi to 9:14/mi through the first 6 miles until I met up with Bill and Jeff. They'd completed 8 miles by this time. Our next many miles our pace bounced from 9:48/mi down to 7:58/mi for mile 12 as they finished they're 14. I still needed 2 more miles so I continued on down the trail for a mile out and back. I finished the last two miles at 8:50/mi pace with a chocolate milk from Bill waiting RIGHT at mile 14!

Overall run was excellent. 2:07:06 for 14 miles for a 9:05/mi avg pace. This pace kept the 1/2 marathon distance under 2 hours which is the Disney World goal.

6 weeks from tomorrow is the 1/2 marathon race!

Not sure why my picture turned out so green (stuntman) ...maybe because my phone ran out of juice.