Saturday, August 18, 2007

94 Miles

I'm already at 94 miles for the month of August! An average of 5.2 miles every day since today is the 18th. I think today's 25 MILES helped raise the average!

Early morning start at 5 AM. Temperature was 61 F with humidity at 64%. It seemed cool in comparison to the past months of running. It was still dark when we started.

Paul, Bill and I set out down the bike trail completing the first two miles at 8:24/mi pace.

Mile 3 slowed to a 9:05/mi. Mile 4 and 5 were 9:25/mi. Bill decided to run faster and catch up with Paul.

I continued a 9:20/mi pace for mile 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. Paul turned around and headed back past me at mile 7.5. Mike caught up with me at mile 8.5.

Bill & Mike past me going back at mile 12.1. Our turn around was at miles 12.5.

At mile 13 I made a quick pit stop bio-break. Pace was 9:42/mi.

Mile 14 -- 9:07/mi as I listened to Billy Squier.
Mile 15 -- 9:48/mi
Mile 16 -- 9:50/mi
Mile 17 -- 9:29/mi
Mile 18 -- 9:43/mi
Mile 19 -- 9:07/mi
Mile 20 -- 9:22/mi
Mile 21 -- 9:12/mi
Mile 22 -- 9:56/mi crossed 4-lanes of traffic
Mile 23 -- 9:23/mi
Mile 24 -- 9:35/mi
Mile 25 -- 9:30/mi

The last .2 mile I did around 8:00/mi. I felt good at the end. Finishing 25.2 miles in 3 hours 55 minutes isn't too bad on a long run. I'd done hills on Thursday!

Next weekend no long run. Climb a mountain instead.