Monday, May 28, 2007

Parched Memorial Day 2007

After a nice 7 mile run yesterday, I had a beautiful 70 F holiday to get out for a long run.

I haven't done this many miles within 24 hours since the marathon in January. I decided that with the reasonably nice quantity of runs I've been getting in the past 4-weeks that my body could withstand getting out on a good 14 mile run today.

I hit the first mile at 8:08/mi pace. Boston is within reach!

I slowed the next 3 miles to an 8:45/ mi pace. Ok, Boston is going to be harder.

I came past the 10 km mark at 55 mins. I was slowin' down a bit, but still a fine pace. I finished my first 7 miles right around 62 mins.

I had my water pickup at the turn around. I was parched since I ran the first hour without water. On I went.

By 8 miles I could tell the endurance training isn't there. My legs were getting heavy. I wasn't able to keep the pace. My breathing was easier 'cause I wasn't goin' as fast. It seemed to be getting hotter out.

Water is gone by 10 miles.

Mile 11 I'm parched again.

Mile 12 I started having thoughts about a Red Bull. Where did that come from? Did I mention that I'm parched?

Mile 13 my shirt is off. No water. It feels about 90F...but it's only 73F. I get to the 1/2 marathon mark around 2:07. It's about survival now. I start making deals with myself about stopping my consumption of bread, cheese and ice cream so I'm not so overweight.

I make the turn for home. The final 1/2 mile. I realize I can finish under 2:15:00. That's not bad for a weekend stroll. Ummm, I can finish under 2:14:00. I'm going faster.

The FINISH -- exactly 2:13:00!