Saturday, September 17, 2005

I'm Home!

Holy cow, I ran my 6.9 miles today in 55:39!

This is 21 seconds faster than my previous personal record for this loop.

I really needed to get in a good workout after the back & forth to Europe. I slept pretty well last night. Got up "early" to run, but it was only starting to get light and it was I jumped back into bed. Got up about 15 minutes later.

It looked cool outside so I put on some running pants and gloves. Not enough to run with just that so I got on the short sleeve t-shirt, Nike cap, coolmax socks, Nike shoes, Fuelbelt and Garmin 201.

Had a really good run. It was cool! First run in a long time with gloves on, but it helps keep me feeling good on cooler mornings. Harder to take picture though with gloves on. ha!

Doin' a marathon relay next month. I'll be ready! Hmmm...think I'm doing my first trail run next weekend?