Saturday, September 03, 2005

Oat Meal and Apple Sauce

The sun was just coming up when Bill, Jeff and I set out for a long Saturday morning run. We met at Bill's house in West Allis at 6:15 AM. A little bit of a drive, but not bad in an NSX with no traffic early in the morning.

It was 59 degrees. We were running by about 6:30 AM.

The plan was to run a mile to a bike trail that runs for 7 miles west. I was stocked up with my new mix of Gookinaid that Amber Antonia had recommended to me. I also had an Accel Gel and my trusty Treo 650 in my Fuel Belt.

I had already run 27 miles this week. I took yesterday off from running so my legs were feeling good.

We fell into a nice 9:20/mi pace. Maybe slightly slower. We hit 8 miles as the trail ran out. Took about a 60 second walk/turn around break before we were back on that pace.

Bill was nice enough to drop off two bottles of water in some ice earlier this morning. We nabbed those between 9-10 miles. I was out of my 16 oz of Gookinaid. I we feeling good! How about my iRun Podcast about here.

As we surpassed the 13.1 mile mark, I saw we'd averaged a 9:16/mi pace and clocked in at 2:01:09.

Bill wanted to run the last 3 miles of the run at a faster pace. I think he said 8:30 pace, but Bill & Jeff started going faster and faster and faster. My watch tracks the pace. When I saw it drop below 8:00/mi, I let them know. I was a bit amazed I was keeping up at all. The last mile they took off ahead as I slowed to something around 8:30/mi. My legs were tired, but doing well.

Arrived back to Bill's house in 2:26:21 for 16.1 miles. A 9:07/mi pace. Most excellent for me.

Bill went inside to offer a round of Gatoraids finding he arrived home in time to take his wife to the hospital to deliver their 3rd baby. Sally came outside and said she would have preferred to run the 16 miles and let Bill have the baby.

Why "oat meal and apple sauce" for the heading? That's what I had at 5:15 AM for breakfast. It worked great!

Note to myself (and world) -- I racked up 43.5 mile this week. No pains either!