Monday, September 12, 2005

Schneller schneller

I remember the "Berlin Wall" being such a scary thing as I grew up. It had always been there during my lifetime, but a far away story.

The Tiananmen Square Massacre and the fall of the Berlin Wall happened in 1989. I remember both extremely well. It's amazing that I've been running this summer in both places. Both places for the first time too.

Ok, on with running. Last night I had the jetlag thing where I didn't sleep well until it was time to GET UP! Since I'm here to work, I couldn't just sleep. It was still dark out. I was slow getting up. I had 20 minutes in my schedule that I could run so I went out and ran fast before breakfast.

I snapped this picture RIGHT out front that hotel (Adlon) where Michael Jackson was dangling his kid. This is the east side of the wall in that other picture. The side people wanted to escape from!

There's a Starbucks to my left.

For for reference, from Tiananmen Square the Starbucks is 1/4 mile inside the Forbidden City.

Almost forgot, I ran a couple of miles in 17 minutes.