Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Naked Podcastless

Sorry folks, I'm podcastless today. I did my iRun podcast as I came around the 5 mile corner just past 43 minutes into my evening run. I described how I had just told myself it wasn't going to storm when the thunder started and I was still a couple miles out from home. Loving mobile phone technology, I apparently lost my signal in the depths of my podcast. It vanished. So you missed me giving the play by play about the lightning and me picking up my pace to get home. I said this is more dangerous than flying to Germany (which I'm doing in a few days).

All in all a good run. Much hotter than I recognized when I started. It was in the low 80's and fairly humid. I got hot as I ran. Still completed the 6.9 miles in under an hour -- 59:29 for an 8:39 pace. On a hot day, not bad though I was not happy about the slower pace as I was running. I just couldn't get myself moving faster. I am targeting 8:00 pace for the 7 mile section of the marathon relay I'm doing in early Oct.