Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sunday non-Fuzzy Run

Oh it's nice to be back in the central time zone.

I know this zone. The clock in my head knows it, but when I come back from jumping through lots of time zones I become clueless to the time. The brain is fuzzy and just doesn't know. From experience, I know that running helps make the adjustment faster. For me it seems that running outside helps more than the treadmill, but both help more than doing nothing.

Today was mystery running partner day. We did a local bike trail. We planned for 10k, but did 6.4 miles in 71 minutes. Nice easy pace after yesterday's harder run by myself. It was fun. Nice weather about 70 in the sun.

I was back to during my iRun podcast again. Also got the Treo cam turned on me from a distance. Hey, I have a whole body! I even match my Jeep.

I'll be doing the Wolf Lake Trail Run next Sunday. It's a run around Wolf Lake. I've never done a true trail run. If you're interested let me know. I think it's 3.8 miles.

It's 8 pm in Germany. Did Angela Merkel win?