Thursday, September 15, 2005

X Hours in Kopenhagen

A good early morning run about 3.75 miles in the city center of Berlin. I snapped a picture about 1k over the line from the old East German side. I'd run past these WWII tanks twice, but it was too dark the other mornings. The whole tank thing made me think about how quickly the world does change.

Took a flight to Copenhagen. Have some hours here which reminds me of a song my brother wrote. Hmmm...I need to link to an mp3 of it. Is there one anywhere?

Snapped a picture of my lunch or was it dinner or I guess breakfast depending upon what time zone you are in. If you've been to this airport, you see this being eaten/drank a lot. One of these beers and two of these weenies were enough.

Only airport that I know of that has all wooden floors. Can't quite see that in this picture.

Next up...9 hour flight to Chicago.