Sunday, July 29, 2007

4-Miler Race

After running 18 miles in the afternoon, I didn't know if my plan to enter the 4-miler race was a good idea. I drank more water. Around 70 oz since starting my run. I took a shower then closed my eyes for 20 minutes while watching the Weather Channel. A nice storm would have worked as an excuse, but it was clear.

90 mins to race time. I wonder how a BBQ chicken sub and some more Gatorade would work over the course of 4 miles? I guess I'll find out. I took two Tylenol and wash it down with the remainder of the Gatorade.

With a lack of energy I stood in a long line to get signed up. At the starting line they announced the race would start 15 mins late. I found a spot in the grass to lay down.

2005 was the first time I ran this 4-mile race. I completed it in 32:33 after running 7 miles in the morning. I thought that was an amazing accomplishment. Last year I ran this race in something like 32:40 after running 14-miles in the morning. I thought that was a pretty good accomplishment. As I laid in the grass I was wondering if I could stay under 40 mins.

With a minute to start I told myself to find a steady pace. Don't start too fast or too slowly, but don't wimpy out.

Mile 1 - 7:31
Mile 2 - 7:39 (up the hills)
Mile 3 - 7:26
Mile 4 - 7:35 (tastes like BBQ chicken)

and another .13 miles in 50 seconds.

Finished in 31:03!

22 miles for the day and a PR by 90 seconds for this race.