Saturday, July 07, 2007

It was around 86 F early this afternoon when I went for my 7 mile loop. Nice breeze with lower humidity, but it felt hot!

I took it easy the whole way. Drank two bottles of water 16 oz each. Finished in 67:09.

I'd like to mention this blog went over the 14,000 visitor mark! I guess that comes from starting in 2004 and just keepin' at it. Most of you stop by to checkout something related to running, but I still get many folks each month reading older posts. I've had a number of people checking out my post about O'Hagan guitars or downloading one of my songs. It's usually Cool Creek since it was feature in "The Rock Show" on the Podcast Network. AND yes, some of you have even purchased stuff with my face on it. Thanks!

Note: can you see that the corn is getting taller? It's July.