Thursday, July 26, 2007

Two Days Gone

A couple of hot late afternoon runs. Yesterday was a nice 5 mile loop on a combination of sidewalk, road and gravel. It was warm yesterday, but it was a nice easy run.

Today was a hill workout with Mike and Bill. It was 82F and humid.

Hill 1 = 69 secs
Hill 2 = 60 secs
Hill 3 = 50 secs (new PR!)
Hill 4 = 66 secs (still recovering)
Hill 5 = 54 secs
Hill 6 = 59 secs

The times are from going up the same hill over and over and over.

Overall we ran 5.5 miles. The hills were a good, but hard workout. I was REALLY out of breath at the top of the hill, but never puked!

...almost looks like my car is on my shoulder. It's not really that small.