Saturday, October 08, 2005

18 and counting

Yes, we surpassed 18 miles!

Bill and I met at 6:30 AM. We took off north up the local bike trail with plans for a 16 mile run. With the weather in the lower 40's, I was in shorts and layered with a short sleeve running t-shirt and long sleeve Nike pull over, my new headband ear covers and a cap on my head. Unfortunately, my Treo 650 phone & camera were MIA.

At 7 miles we had to run along side a busy road. A truck lost part of it's tire as it sped by reminding us that trail running is a little safer. We turned around at 8 miles. We passed 13.1 half marathon distance at 2:04 into the run. As we got closer to our cars, we decided to do a couple more miles the other direction. Our legs were hangin' in there. When it was all said and done, we did 18.6 miles in 2:57:04 for a 9:32 minute/mile pace. This is 2.5 miles longer than my previous longest run!

Disney World Marathon, we're gettin' ready!