Monday, October 17, 2005

Songwriting & Running

I haven't posted anything about songwriting in while so I thought it was time. I've been writing (and recording) this song called Should Have Stayed. Here's the link to the latest version I worked on this past weekend and mixed tonight in Sonar 5.

I've had this "should have stayed" hook for a few years, but the song just never completely came together. This past weekend I decided I wanted to work on it again. Maybe get it ready for the Taxi music Road Rally which is coming up in a three weeks.

I deleted all the previous vocals and started over. I sang the parts sitting right here at my computer singing into a Studio Projects C1 mic which is plugged into my Manley Voxbox which is plugged into my RME multiface which plugs into my PC. I did this while editing lyrics on the screen in MasterWriter. The rest of my studio setup is a Mackie Big Knob which I plug my headphone into and my Mackie HR824 speakers. That's it other than my power strip.

I didn't want to mess around with the vocals too much because I'm planning to have a real singer do his thing, but I still needed to sing the parts to express overall what I want. It was an interest way to rewrite lyrics, but productive. Go ahead and give me your feedback on it.

As for running, my legs felt like I ran long yesterday, no injuries at all. My legs actually felt good consider I ran lots of miles. I'm planning to run tomorrow night if time permits.