Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Speedy Track

The 2006 Disney World Marathon is approaching fast. Less than 3-months from now!

As you know, this will be my first marathon. I'm working hard to be prepared to finish healthy. I don't want it to be a "medic tent" event that leaves me never wanting to run again.

Today was my first ever track "speed" workout. Pretty interesting. Three of the running guys (Bill, Larry and Jeff) I work with suggested running down to the local high school track for a few spins.

We did 6 sets of runs. Each run was twice around the track then we walked for 1/2 the track and ran again. We repeated this 6x. I think the runs were 880 yards for a total of 3 miles of these speedy runs. For me that meant a 7:30 mile pace. Forgot my Garmin watch at home so Bill was timing these things. The included picture is the only slight burst I ever made and the only time I was in front of these guys.

I attempted an iRun podcast WHILE in the middle of one of these runs around the track. I'm not sure you'll understand a word I say. This was hard.

With the mile to and from the track plus the 3 miles at the track we ran 5 miles and walk 1 1/4.