Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hey Nineteen

Yep it was dark out this morning.

Alarm went off at 5 AM to get up for a long run with Bill, Larry and Jeff the Rabbit. Bill planned out a multi-car drop to have a car at the start, middle and end of this long run. I took a picture as we headed up to a road called OO in the dark...and it was drizzling and 40F.

We ran for about 15 minutes in the dark and 30 minutes in a mental haze as we all woke up. We did about a 9:22 pace for this section. We continued on for miles. Mostly on the local bike trail.

At 10.5 miles we arrived at the mid-drop car. I grabbed another bottle of water, a banana and Larry gave me a homemade cookie. I should mention that while opening Larry's car, I pushed the little red panic button on his remote by accident. Had the horn honking a few times which I'm sure the neighborhood loved.

Within a few minutes we were back on the trail running...I kept the watch running the whole time.

A bit past 11 miles the trail switched over to pavement. Wow, what a change for the legs and feet. None of us enjoyed the feel of this. Good thing the fall colors were gorgeous to distract our brains. The pavement was wet from the drizzle and the pavement was HARD! I took a couple of pix as we crossed a long bridge on the trail.

We cruise past the 1/2 marathon point in this section in a bit over 2 hours.

We continued onward...

Larry, Bill and I stuck together at a 9:15 pace while the Rabbit took off ahead of us at this point. The final 6 miles took more focus for me 'cause my legs were getting pretty tired. A one minute quick walk break at around 17 miles helped me out. We ended right at 19 miles in 2:56:34 in the parking lot of Echo Lake Park. Another PR for distance for me!

World famous and listened to iRun podcast was live from our run.

I must have not taken in quite enough liquid during the run because after the run I had my right calf and then my left calf cramp up in the parking lot. Ouch, that hurts. I forgot to drink more because it was raining. Live and learn.

Afterwards, a fine LARGE breakfast was enjoyed by all. We even found out that rabbit food includes cheese cake for breakfast!