Saturday, July 22, 2006

100% at 2-weeks. Goofy!

I'm way up in Northern Wisconsin this weekend, but I still gotta run.

According to the "Goofy Plan" I'm do for 14 miles today. It's easy to remember because the plan calls for 14-miles EVERY Saturday. Umm, yes I made up this Goofy Plan. Ha!

Woke up at 5:30 AM to do my 14-miler. Crows, squirrels, deer were awake, but saw no humans for the first hour of running. I guess it helped that I hadn't gotten to a paved road yet!

The route was extremely hilly. Snapped this picture of myself running downhill almost out of control...and yes, the glasses fell off right after the photo!

I don't mind a hilly course, but I don't typically get to run up and down and up and down hill after hill like this. Let alone for 14 miles! I just took it slowly. It was gorgeous as I ran along lakes and pines.

My GPS went in and out during the first hour of running. I lost some credit for mileage during this, but I don't know how much. When I finally got back to the cabin my GPS said I'd completed 14.3 miles, but I had run for 2 hours and 46 minutes. It was probably around 15 miles considering all the hills. The only stop I made was to pick up my sunglasses when they fell off coming down that hill.

Whatever the case, I'm 100% on track with the Goofy Plan after 2-weeks of training. Only 25 weeks to the Goofy Challenge!

A little side note to self: I strained the middle of my back flinging a suitcase on Friday. Great recovery to be able to run my 14 miles without hurting only a day later. :)